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SAPA is biting many people hard!
Online scams are also on the increase, no wonder so many youths like you are ready to JAPA.
I agree It’s a big PROBLEM!
The best solution is to earn dollars while in Nigeria.
I’ve put together 5 websites I can guarantee will earn you money for doing 100% legit online Jobs.
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P.S: The video provided is a guide to making money online for doing legit jobs and not free money.

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There’s a hike in all goods and services. The best bet is to earn in dollars (and other foreign currencies). If you do, how do you cash out?
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If you have any of these 30 high-income skills, then you deserve to earn above 200k monthly in any company while working from home. There are hundreds of companies waiting to hire and pay you handsomely. 
These skills actually allow you to earn in dollars
1. Copywriting
2.Content Creation and Marketing
3. Graphics Design
4. Web Design and Hosting
5. UI/UX Design
6. Coding 
7. Public Speaking
8. Video Editing
9. Online course creation
10. Data Science
11. Affiliate Marketing
12. Cryptocurrency
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“If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die”

 Warren Buffet

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