As you prepare for the 2022 EXAM exam, you must take note of the following in order to achieve your goal of scoring at least 250 and above to secure admission to your preferred course and institution

1. You have about 2hours to answer all questions, that’s approximately 40secs to a question, so maximize it

2. All questions are multiple-choice

3. You have about 180 questions to Answer

4. Don’t pick your answer at a one-read glance because the questions may look simple but can be complicated. Understand your question well before you pick your answer

5. Past questions are sometimes repeated, so practice more questions

6. Start with the subject you are good at. For use of English, you may consider answering the comprehension first as they have more marks

7. Jump questions you don’t understand. Then come back to them when you are through with the ones you know well

8. Remember to follow the instructions for each question, section and subject

9. Some questions may give answer clues to another question. Be smart

10. Take time to cross-check your questions against your answers

11. No negative marking,try to attempt all questions

12. Your score won’t be manipulated/compromised as the exam is computer-based, it is automated. Thus, your score is your score

At the exam hall
1. Check that the system you are allotted is perfectly ok before you login, if not call out for help

*Login with your UTME registration number and surname. If you
N.B: Your time doesn’t start counting until you have clicked on start exam, thus read all instructions well before you start

*All questions attempted will have a different colour shade from the ones yet to be done

*Don’t rush to submit, if your time is up, the system will automatically submit.

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