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There are over 1000 ways to earn daily cash legitimately (without robbing a bank, doing “yahoo” “yahoo” or killing innocent souls for money.

It was popular American-based Billionaire, Warren Buffet that said,

“If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die”. Therefore you must develop a system that earns you extra cash.

You can convert your spare time and android phone to earn in Naira and Dollar (even in other currencies), regardless of your location.

These are time-tested and proven ways to earn money online we have shared during the webinar held via zoom on Friday, 13th May, 2022.

We have attached the recorded class here for you to enjoy and leverage on these amazing opportunities for newbies (upcoming IT learners) and computer experts.  

The practical class explained detailed ways to create a Working Paypal account, access Digital marketing courses & secrets and links to platform where you can earn (instantly) online daily.

Before you watch the video, some attendees have these to say,

Goodnews Infotechnologies’ trainings on Earn cash daily has been an end to my skepticism and distrust in most advertised online earning platforms. The tutor gave elaborate information we needed during practical sessions and walked us step by step, waiting for everyone to get it, until some dollars or Naira dropped in our account.

I literally started earning before the close of each training session.

Faith (Akure, Nigeria)





Well, the master class training has been practical enough and well organized. I have started earning and working on my skills to earn more. 

Seun (Abuja, Nigeria)

I was excited to learn from Mr. Farohunbi, I had no doubt about the authenticity of the training because I knew him as a man of integrity for many years. I signed up for the master class on how to earn daily cash and lo and behold, I was the first student in the class to earn during the training… I was so surprised and now has zero doubt about making cool cash online. Earning money online is real and legit!

Many thanks to Master Farohunbi for this huge opportunity

Stephen (Moscow, Russia)

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