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15+ Years Of Experience in Digital marketing and Web Design

We deliver VALUE to add VALUES to your valuable businesses.

Goodnews Infotechnologies is an ICT hub that offers web design, digital marketing, and telecommunication services with expertise. We are poised to project and revolutionize your brand by promoting them digitally.

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How we grow your business.

Every business need traffic!

Whether you are selling a (physical/digital) product, raising students in a school or exchanging values you deliver for money or you’re simply a philanthropist, you need to reach an audience.

We have the tools, knowledge and experience to help to gain the right traffic (audience) for your business, church, brand or organization.

Trust us to build an online presence (website or landing pages) that works like a magnet on the web and lead a customized, pocket-friendly digital marketing strategy that will drive massive sales for you online and offline.


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What type of Websites do you build ?
What ever legit business you need to promote can be marketed by us.
We build website for blogs, personality website, business corporate websites, basic and tertiary institution (school) websites and eportal, Computer based portals, ecommerce website, products launch website, job blogs, food delivery website and a whole lot. We are constantly improving our knowledge and expertise to give you the best always.
What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is the cheapest digital marketing strategy that allows you to market your products and services by consistently and automatically reaching out to potential customers who will not only become permanent customers but will become returning customers.

Goodnews Infotechnologies helps brands like your to drive sales with email marketing. Click here to each out to us now

How can I see my products through Google?

You can sell freely on Google using Googlemybusiness app. Simply download the app, customize it for your business and make post about your business. Ensure your business in on Google map so it can be easily verified.

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How can I sell my book or physical goods and receive payments without web design knowledge
Most people have the products, they are ready to sell, they want to run ads but no landing page or website to sell your product.
The search is over now with www.mystorelink.co
Whether you sell e-books or video courses or tickets, you are included in the whole pack.
Simply Create your store and list your products for sale.
Your website is free to use!
Talk to us or visit www.mystorelink.co now to begin
How can I optimize my instagram page?
You must optimize your INSTA BIO to attract customers at first sight.
Start Now!
1. Use a unique username. Use your business name or the most popular names you are known on Facebook or elsewhere
2. Use an INSTA NAME that matches your niche. This is important for your visibility on IG
3. Set up your BIO with highlights of your products and services
4. Use fancy fonts to customize your fonts. You can search for lingo fancy fonts on Google
5. Optimize your IG Highlights very well.
How can I recover my Disabled Facebook or Instagram ad account?
Account Disabled?
If your account was ever disabled by Instagram and you created a new one, you need to know this new feature
You equally need this if your account has no problem.
The new feature will allow you to know the STATUS of your account and if you have violated any rule(s)
1. Open your Instagram and go to the elipses (three line) on your account homepage
2. Tap on settings
3. Tap on Account
4. The information of your account will show up for you.
If you've violated the rules, you will see how to resolve it.
If you still have issues with your Facebook ad account or Instagram account, Goodnews Infotechnologies is the trusted tech company that can help you out. Contact us now